The Bromance

The boys have always loved to joke around, from their humble beginnings from shooting shit in a car, to a well-recognized podcast. Your hosts, Juan A. Pacheco and Kevin A. Romero are ready to entertain you to your hearts content. Join the boys on their journey of discovery, as they invite special guests to discuss the unspoken rules of being a bro, the stuggles of living up to expectations, and learning life. 

Meet the Bros


Meet Juan

Yo, Game Recognize Game! I’m Juan A. Pacheco from Mexico, raised in Cali with loved ones. Family and loyalty is number one! Trying to find the best version of myself. Being a learner from life itself, and being open to new things and new opportunities. Music is all the love and a big part of the Bromancing life. It's a universal language that brings people of all walks of life together. Don’t take everything too seriously because it’s all love at the end of the day. 


Currently just chilling, trying to improve my life. In my personal opinion, laughter is the universal free medicine that makes you feel the best ways. John Mayer is life and that's the role model.

Meet Kevin

My name is Kevin Anthony Romero, born and raised in L.A. I moved down to the San Fernando Valley when I was 8. I come from a big Salvadorean family, so I’ve always been taught family first, treat everyone kindly, and everyone calls me “America’s Sweetheart!” I’ve always loved music because it's a way you can express yourself through other people’s lyrics. I’ve always had a passion for the spotlight: I use to be in theater. I was a lead in a couple of those plays and I enjoyed it a lot! 


I’m currently the best half of the “Bromancing Life Podcast.” I hope to entertain others and show everyone that you can’t take life so seriously all the time! Everyone should have fun, say what you want to say, and be who you want to be! 


Meet the Bros Who Didn't Make the Cut


Meet Bryan

It's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Bryan Sosa and I am the producer/editor of the Bromancing Life Podcast. As the producer, I make sure the boys follow through with their commitments to their fans and the community by always providing entertaining and engaging content.


I'm a very momentum based person. Once a project gets started, there is no stopping me. I admire my family for instilling a sense of value for respect and commitment in me. Whenever I hear of a new opportunity to expand my horizons or help a friend, I always jump in! 


I also produce a podcast in Riverside called "Character Development" and am currently working as the pre-production coordinator for a new show "Becoming: The Podcast." I am one of the lead chairs in the production company “DTH Films” and a former producer of several plays and staged readings at the University of California, Riverside, where I graduated with my B.A. in General Theater Production. 


My ultimate goal is to become a successful actor, hoping to one day hit Broadway. I want to become a well renowned film producer with my own production company. I will expand the opportunities available for people to get a foothold into the film industry, because at the end of the day, love is more powerful than hate! 

Meet Eloy

I'm Eloy 


Meet Steven

Hey, I'm Steven! I'm basically a buff Carl Wheezer. I love the gym, dig hiking, and  enjoy watching mother nature in all it's beauty. I met the bros in high school and we've been going strong ever since. Love my bros and will always have their back. Spread positivity and love yo!